Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finally got my shoes from Shoe Library, I can't wait to wear them!
But for now, let me give you a bit of insight about this new brand.

Jacky Moraleda and her Mom started Shoe Library early this year, as of the moment they sell Made-To-Order Flats but I heard they are planning to expand their shoe products. How awesome is that!? 
Their shoes are all made from Marikina(Philippines) and the price are also very affordable.

Here's my new babies!
Leopard Print
Color Teal 

Like Shoe Library's page here -> Click Click Click!


  1. Super cute flats, adore the leopard print ones!

  2. Lovely shoes, I really like these colours. I want one :)

  3. @WOLF359 & @FashionBubbles
    Hi Pretties! Thank you for adoring these fab flats. You can order it by clicking the links above. They have international delivery. :)