Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rock n' Roll

| Blazer: Thrifted | Top: (Jacky's) | Bottoms: Hot Kiss| Shoes: Parisian |

Last Saturday was a hectic day for me and Jacky, we both have some other matters to attend to after the shoot. We also had a bit of unexpected problems before we start our shoot, our call time with the photographer is 10 in the morning (which means we have to be at our location at 10am not 10:30 or whatever.) So we decided to adjust everything. Thank goodness, our dear photographer is too kind to understand our situation.  

Anyways, on to my outfit.. Here's what I wore on my cousin's birthday celebration later that afternoon. The theme of the party is Rock n' Roll. And because I was rushing that time I just grabbed anything in my closet that can translate Rock n' Roll. Hmm, So what do you thing? Is my outfit Rock-y enough? :D